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“User manuals for the first Walkman®. Translated by idioma®.”

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Four Decades of Translation Experience

idioma® was founded by Joel Brynte, a Swedish entrepreneur.
In 1980, we started out on a modest scale with a small team of key translators.

There was no Internet, no mobile phones, and fax machines were just around the corner.

Our first clients were in the Japanese AV industry with exports of many different products, such as VCRs, tape recorders, and the Walkman®.

All these products needed user manuals and promotional material translated promptly with the United States and West Europe as the primary export markets.

Today, after 4 decades in the translation industry we continue to
serve our clients with innovative ideas, very affordable rates and
an unmatched level of service.


idioma® was established in Tokyo, Japan.

Our first office space consisted of two modest rooms in the Sweden Center.


idioma® was in acute need for more native translators.

Our first office in Europe was established in Stockholm, Sweden.


First EU office
To sustain growth with the opening of new markets in the EU, we opened an office in Brussels, Belgium.


We had early visions of East Europe's potential,
so we reorganized our European operations to our current location in Prague, Czech Republic.


Traffic Control System introduced
Currently, TC6 is our centralized project management system, which is now hosted in the cloud. Our Project Managers run translation projects 24/7 in disregard of geographic location and time.


In-house software development
We perceived the importance of an IT department and in-house software development and started investing in smart translation solutions and automation. In hindsight, investing in the future has paid off giving us the cutting-edge technology we have today to better serve our customers.


We introduced CrossCheck®, a unique online QA service that allows users to perform checks of translated text in bilingual files.


iQube translation platform
We launched iQube, our translation platform to drastically boost translation volumes and reduce lead times while integrating it with CrossCheck® to maximize translation quality.

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Online translation estimator – Stream
Our online translation estimator was introduced. It has numerous custom features, including glossary, style guide and TM file uploads. Stream allows customers to get detailed instant estimates with translation price and delivery term for all the languages we work in, 24/7.


Top 5 LSP in Japan
In a 2015 ranking of Language Service Providers, idioma was listed among the the top 30 in Asia and the top 5 in Japan by Common Sense Advisory.


idioma® acquires ISO 17100 certification
for its translation quality management.


ISO 9001 certification
idioma® introduced the ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 18587 system for post-editing of machine translation output.


idioma® launches new identity and website celebrating 40 years in the translation industry.


NextDoc for easy recycling of translated text Launch of NextDoc, a service which compares new and old documents to acquire text reuse rate. NextDoc enables convenient reuse of text from existing documents without interference from Translation Memories or CMS systems with dubious or unknown content.

Operating Across the Globe

idioma® has offices in Tokyo, Prague, and Gothenburg to support our clients worldwide.

We work with 2,000+ professional native linguists with extensive translation experience who are experts in their specific domain. Our innovative IT department enables our translators in 100+ languages with 5,000+ language combinations to offer high-quality technical translation.

idioma® integrates perseverance combined with dedication and an attitude for constant improvement of the Japanese culture – Kaizen – in its work ethic.

We continue to believe in constant reflection and continuous improvement, and thus serve our clients better. This has after all been our philosophy for 40+ years.

Have Your Technical Content Translated
with 100% Precision