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Precise translation and localization matters if you aspire to grow as a global company. Discover your potential and achieve your business goals with advanced technical translation services. Learn more with our resources.

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idioma 40th Anniversary

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we have completely redesigned our website to support new work styles and trends in the AI era.

Your Private NMT Solution

Cut translation costs by switching to smarter Post-Editing of neural machine-translated text. Translate more in less time and get guaranteed high quality. This process is ISO 9001-certifi ed. Our NMT + PE process fully complies with our ISO 18587:2017 certifi cation.

Since 2017, idioma® offers Neural Machine Translation + Post-Editing Service. We currently offer neural custom training of existing memories.

CrossCheck® (Bilingual File QA Service)

Instantly get a translation error report to Proof & Boost Translation Quality. Submit your bilingual files and order corrections to professional native translators. Experience CrossCheck® a comprehensive QA process.

For every checked project, a Seal can be issued allowing you and others to quickly view and verify the checks performed and the final result. When you receive a Seal with a project, you can rest assured the project has been QA checked. Request all your collaborators to use CrossCheck® when they translate for you and deliver Seals to you – instead of you having to do the QA work yourself.