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Translation Pricing

Translation services by idioma® are affordable and the translation pricing is free of any hidden costs. Thanks to volume of scale and a high level of automation, we operate with an unmatched level of efficiency, which leads to cost savings. These are savings we pass on to our customers in the form of low rates, but without sacrificing quality.
There are no minimum fees for very small orders of, say, 5-6 words.

All translation are ISO17100 certified (translation by first native linguist + review by second native linguist + QA by idioma® QA operator).

Additionally, you can place your orders 24/7 with our self-service online estimator and get even better rates.
It is super-easy to use and even works with translation memories, glossaries, fuzzy matches, and more.


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How It Works

1. Collect all the source files you wish to translate.

2. Create an account to access the client portal to get a translation estimate.
Alternatively, contact idioma’s project managers at info(at)idioma.com to get a translation estimate and pricing for more complicated or voluminous projects.

3. Upload the files, choose source and target languages and delivery speed (translation mode). Confirm the estimate and order your translation.

4. Track your project progress via the client portal to until completion.

5. Receive your completed translation together with your invoice via email or download all files from your account.

Input Checking

Our Translation Rates

All the translation rates of idioma® cover translation and/or editing by certified native linguists. Get a tailor-made price estimate for your translation project in our self-service online estimator, Stream.

FROM English

USD / source word
Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian, Russian, Slovak
from 0,XX
Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish
from 0,XX
Danish, Finnish, Swedish
from 0,XX
from 0,XX

TO English

USD / source word
Czech, Polish, Russian, Slovak
from 0,XX
Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
from 0,XX
Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
from 0,XX
from 0,XX

See more language combinations

Get a translation price and delivery time estimate for your project in an instant.

For more demanding projects or larger volumes pricing, contact our project managers.