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Frequently Asked Questions About Technical Translation

Here are answers to some common questions about technical translation services by idioma® . 

If you have other queries, we are glad to help!

Frequently Asked Questions about technical translation services by idioma®

How do I know which technical translation services are right for me?

Give us a call! We would love to hear your needs and guide you to the best solution.

You can also browse through our list of services to get an idea of what we offer.

What languages does idioma® translate into?

Take a look at our languages map to learn more about the languages we translate and where they are spoken.

What technologies does idioma® offer to clients?

Access to idioma® World Portal which is complimentary for all our clients. It is comprised of multiple modules with technologies that help streamline your translation process, lower costs, and increase efficiency.

You can monitor all projects via your account with management, invoicing, file transfers, and ordering of all idioma Services provided. If you need help signing up, give us a call!

How does idioma® measure and control translation quality?

idioma® has expert translators and in-house QA checkers dedicated for the best quality.

For over 40 years our philosophy has been constant reflection and improvement, which we train and communicate to our linguistic team. We have an internal point system in place that we monitor with our Translation Platform iQube (that evolved into Doc3, the free CAT tool for professional translators).

iQube is tightly integrated with our QA software CrossCheck®. Every project undergoes QA checks segment by segment with the first translator and second reviewer complying with the ISO 17100 standard. We also add a third QA checker to guarantee the highest quality possible. If a translator makes a mistake, we report to them their performance through our point system. This gives them a chance to improve in this collaborative effort. If a translator continues to score low in his/her deliveries, they will be dismissed. This is to maintain the standard of quality that we stand for, which the client deserves.

How does idioma® guarantee on-time delivery?

Delivery terms vary according to the type of service, the complexity of your source files, and the content being translated. A translator will average 2,000 English words per day. If you have a project that has large volume with short deadlines, we can assign a team of translators to multiply the daily output to meet your objectives. We can also upon request incorporate NMT + PE option to speed things up more. We adhere to the ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 standards for Translation and Post-Editing of Machine Translated text to maintain quality that won’t be compromised by speed. Regardless of your project type or requirements, we will carefully assess and discuss with you the best delivery term up front.

What is the linguist recruiting process of idioma®?

All of our linguists must pass a linguistic proficiency test that is graded by our senior translators. If a candidate passes this initial stage they must go through additional testing and interviews specific to their educational background, language and translation proficiency, and area of industry expertise.

At a minimum, any linguist that works with us, must have a translation certificate or degree at the time of hire. As linguists get on-board, they will go through our vetting process, which includes testing, training, and ongoing monitoring. Our translation process includes translation and verification with mandatory QA checks on every translated text segment that is submitted. Our internal point system grades individual translators’ performance to keep track of their progress. Any linguist that we bring on board must share our core values: Customer First and a passion for language.

How does idioma® assign the linguists that will work on my project?

We have trained our Project managers to strategically profile and assign content to linguists with the appropriate areas of specialization. To make things easier, our centralized Translation Management Platform (TC6) can search through our data set to provide the best translator using AI technology. Our experienced project managers with assistance from AI can ensure that select areas of the source material are processed by the right linguists. 
Our linguists can handle content from various industries, while others bring professional backgrounds that make them natural experts in particular areas. The testing process captures this information and ensures that we match the right linguists to the right projects.

What reporting does idioma® offer to its clients?

You can access every project through your idioma® World Portal account with information such as estimates, jobs in progress, completed projects, and invoices.

As an additional service, we can offer a comprehensive translation report for a particular project with every minute detail. This has to be ordered prior to starting of the project. We can also offer our clients customized reports on an as-needed basis upon request after the project is finished to cover all questions needed. If you have a simple query regarding a translation you can contact our Project Managers or use our Ask! Service free of charge through your idioma® World Portal.

Can I receive a sample translation by idioma®?

Yes, we are happy to offer our clients sample translations on an as needed basis to showcase the quality of our work.

Do you have any more questions about technical translation by idioma®

Let us know.