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Why translation providers should be ISO certified

What is a CAT tool? Why to use it?

Why is Translation Quality Assurance (QA) important?

Language facts: Turkish

Consistency in Multilingual Content: Using Style Guides

Translation memory is old news!

What is Neural Machine Translation (NMT)?

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Why to update files without translation memory

25th JTF Translation festival: DTP files updates without translation memory

Translation tips: Opposite translation

What is Technical Translation?

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Autumn In Japan: The Season Of Sports

What is a Translation Management System (TMS)?

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Language facts: Arabic

TM HEALTH CHECK™: 4 Steps to Updated Translation Memories:

Translation Memory Creation: How It Works

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What is Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)?

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Language facts: Latvian

When machine translation turns UNESCO heritage into “Refrigerator”

Machine translation in 2017: It’s getting neural

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Why innovative manufacturers should translate their sales material into Scandinavian languages

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idioma @ the 29th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) in Tokyo

Translation tips: What is the optimal translation speed?

Language facts: US Spanish

Language facts: Serbian

REPORT: idioma @ DMS 2018 in Tokyo and Automatica 2018 in Munich

idioma earns ISO 9001:2016 Certification by TÜV SÜD

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What was it like at DMS Tokyo 2017

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Apply your company language: Build a glossary

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Language facts: Dutch

Navigating the translation mine field

Emoji translation: New field in the localization industry?

Language facts: Uyghur

5 Facts to Glossary Use in Translation

Language facts: Irish

Benefit from a long-term translation relationship

Liability in Translation: “Glossary, glossary, glossary”

ISO 18587: What it means for translation providers

Language facts: Khmer

Thank you for meeting idioma @ 27th JTF Translation Festival in Tokyo

Website Localization: Machine or Human?

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How to drown your brand in one click

How to communicate at international exhibitions #2: Localize your channels

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Language facts: The difference between French and Canadian French

Useful errors in technical translation?

Multilingual communication on social media: The myths

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Language facts: Belarusian

Official languages of international organizations

Translation tips: Tags in translation

Translation tips: Importing IDML files into CAT tools

How to communicate on international exhibitions #1: Choosing the right language

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Translation ordering: Stop drowning in emails

Language facts: Malay

Translation tips: Dashes and hyphens

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idioma ranked in Asia TOP 30 by CSA Research!

Brexit and translation industry: What’s next?

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Language facts: English

Adapt or die: Online tech giants changing the landscape of the translation industry

Demystifying machine translation: Do translators need to worry?

Language facts: Greek

Manage your very first translation project like a pro: Who should be your supplier?

Manage your very first translation project like a pro: Is know-how important?

Language facts: Portuguese and its spelling reform

Language facts: Greenlandic

Language facts: Russian

idioma @ 28th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo Jun 13, 2017

Language flavors: Dialects vs. languages

Prague summer vistas and idioma

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Endangered languages: Will your mother tongue survive?

Manage your very first translation project like a pro: Where to begin?

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Language facts: Azerbaijani

Language facts: Arabic

Languages of Spain’s separatist regions: Basque and Catalan

TM HEALTH CHECK™: 4 Steps to Updated Translation Memories:

Autumn at idioma: Czech Republic

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